Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When I first started this blog a year ago I did it to hold myself accountable as I transformed my body...

 At the time I had no idea what the following twelve months held in store for me. Divorce has literally been the most painful thing I never could have imagined going through. A hurt I wouldn't wish on even my worst enemy. In spite of all the pain that I have felt emotionally through this I have found a way to positively use that to fuel changes in my body.

October 2011-July 2013--20 months, 124 pounds

Today I am in a place I could never imagined physically a year ago in my wildest dreams! And it can only get better from here. Four months ago I got inspired by my girl friend Shelly to give crossfit a try. Have you seen her by the way, total MILF status.

I had been wanting to try crossfit for a while, but always just thought I was too big, and felt limited by me ACL and Miniscus injuries. In the beginning they did hold me back...but thankfully I had a wonderful coach who was willing to modify to help me build the muscles that support my knee to make them stronger. Today I no longer have to modify, I RARELY feel any pain infact. In the beginning I was one of the last to finish, today I keep up with the other girls (girls that are a good 30 pounds smaller then I am), and when it comes to power movements I am so surprised that I can literally deadlift, squat and clean weights equivilant {if not greater} then my body weight.
May 2013 Mother's Day--July 2013 A day in Saratoga with Addy
About a 15 pound difference

Crossfit is the most humbling, inspiring, motivating truly amazing thing I have ever been a part of. When I walked into ADK four months ago, I was scared to death. I was way over weight, and so intimidated. Never then could I have imagined the way the people there would become a family to me. Something about sweating your guts out with the same people every day of the week creates a bond unlike any other. We are a family. We encourage eachother, laugh together, sweat together, compete together.

My wedding shower in February 2009 (pre-baby) May 2013 (post-baby)

In the last month I have made some changes to my training. I had felt myself stuck at a plateau, eventhough I wasn't weighing anymore, and it was super frustrating. After a lot of research I decided to add a thermogenic fat burner to my program, and really clean up my diet. On a normal day I eat organic oatmeal, bananas (for my startchy carbs), peanut butter, protein shakes, greens, chicken and eggs. But that doesn't mean that last week I didn't gorge on some coleslaw and fried chicken, or have an ice cream cone with Addy over the weekend. It's all about balance, you have to find what works best for you. For me Monday-Friday I am pretty strict. On the weekends I am a little more lenient with myself. I'm not suggesting you eat yourself into oblivion to reward yourself Saturday-Sunday, but if you want something, have it.

On top of that two days a week I'm doing two a days, an hour of regular crossfit, then an hour of working on my power movements. Our box is moving this week to a bigger facitily, my commute will now be two minutes (literally) instead of twenty and I plan to start dragging my butt out of bed in the morning to go over and lift and work on some running my LEAST favorite thing to do on top of my evening class. I truly would rather do burpees all day rather then run one mile, maybe because I'm not very good at it...Identifying the areas that I fall short and improving them has become addicting to me.

Crossfit has honestly changed my life. The mental strength it has given me is unlike anything I could have ever imagined. My little brother started last month with me...we decided to sign up for the team portion of the Garage Games that's coming to a local box in September. For me this is a way to show myself how far I have come. It happens to be exactly a year from the weekend that Adaline and I moved back to New York, and my marriage to Adam ended. It means so much more to me then just any other WOD, it is the sum of all my mental and physical work over the last's proof to me and everyone around me that even in the middle of the biggest storm imaginable through crossfit and my faith in GOD I have overcome that pain and channeled it into making myself a better, more whole version of myself. I cannot wait to share that expirence with my little brother, and the rest of my crossfit family.

February 13 (pre-crossfit)-- July 2013 (post-crossfit) 35 pound difference ((where did those dimples come from))


  1. Your hard work has paid off. You look great.

  2. 120 pounds! Damn girl! You look good!

  3. This post is amazing and I'm so incredibly proud of it... BUT, it also kind of freaks me out because on my way to work this morning I was thinking about you and how amazing it is that you've put so much energy into yourself in the last year. And then I come here and you've posted the exact same thing. WEIRD! I know you're still in a lot of pain and you're right, divorce is so unimaginably painful... but you're getting through it, and the fact that you're focusing on YOU is something very few women do. You should be VERY proud of that!

  4. You're so awesome girl. Truly inspiring! I'm so glad you're back to blogging, you're definitely one of my favorites.

  5. You look great!!! I have a friend who is thinking of trying Crossfit and I sent her to your blog for some motivation.

  6. You look amazing! Good for you!

  7. This is such an inspiring post. YOU, my friend, are awesome and it shows! You look so good and what an internal transformation it seems. Good for you!

  8. You look incredible! What an amazing transformation!

  9. This is AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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