Letter To Me

Adopted from one of my most favorite bloggers, Holly, from Where We Can Live Like Jack And Sally. If you haven't read her blog DO IT, she is so whitty. Every day I am entertained by Holly. From tales of Dennis the Menace, Olive Betty, High School Flash Backs & her weight loss journey, Holly never disappoints & always puts a smile on my face!

"Letter to Myself
I have seen this series all over the web, blog moms and celebrities alike. I was drawn to the idea because when I was 16, I often thought about where I would be today."

With All that has been going on in my life lately, I decided to write a letter to myself as a teenage girl. When you expirence a difficult time in your life, it seems, well for me anyways, you think back to what you would change. So here it goes...what I would do different!

Dear Alexandra (16),

You are wise beyond your years, your heart is bigger than this universe, please be careful who you allow into it. Lately, you haven't been being very careful crayy crayy girl. I know you have had your heart broken by the blonde boy you thought you would spend eternity with, but well Babe, it just didn't work out that way. ((And trust me you will be glad it went the way it did. He's a weirdo now, and is up his crazy parents behinds, he even works for Napoleon)) BUT all the boys in the world couldn't fill that void inside you.

This year you December you will have two boys who both want your hand...actually three. Go with the one that doesn't make any promises and just wants to hold your hand, make you laugh and be your friend. He's really a great guy, and now he's sucessful and more handsome then ever. He will make a great partner for you, even if it's not for ever. Please do not give your heart to the tan skinned, dangerously handsome, boy who you have had your eye on since the 6th grade. I know, I know, you used to listen to the Eagles when you were younger and every time you heard "The Boys Of Summer" verse

"I can see you,
Your brown skin shining in the sun.
You got your hair combed back
And your sunglasses on, baby.
And I can tell you my love for you will still be strong

You thought of him... And I can tell you this, you love for him will
always be strong, however, his love for you won't be. He's not the kind of guy that sticks around when stuff gets tough. He is not the Christian man you need to lift you up, and build a strong foundation for a family with. There's a reason he's that handsome...he has to be to make up for all his flaws. Soon the magic will wear off and you will see him for who he is. Save yourself the pain...listen to Daddy.

I know you just tore your ACL, but baby girl, don't give up soccer. You do not need to trade something you love for boys. This is a very important lesson for you to learn now! Never loose sight of who you are. Fufill your dreams, and that does NOT mean modify them to fit someone elses, you won't ever be happy.

Don't stay home and go to college locally. Go away to college, work hard, play soccer, and find yourself. You are strong, you can and will do anything you set your mind to. Hint Hint...that means do well these next 3 years in highschool, take your SATs, get into St.Lawerence University, and be a pharmacist like you want to be. ((Trust me, you'll thank me later))

Get your dang lisence, and do NOT be a snob about a car. Take whatever Mom & Dad can give you. You need your independence, you need to have fun.

Don't let anyone come before your girlfriends. You will be very lonely with out them, don't cover that up with a boyfriend. ((especially the handsome tan one))You will need them.

Quit your job at ACE when Corey does, and go apply at Eternal Sun! You will meet a shy girl named Amanda there. She will be your best friend. You will be there for her and she will be for you. She will be the only friend you can really count on through the tough stuff your bound to face! She may be shy now, but wait till you see the D I V A she grows into. She will surprise you every day, and you can trust her. I know others have let you down, she won't. Pinky Promise.

Take this letter however you want and change things as you see fit. But please, please, please....rember you are beatiful, you are strong & you deserve the world. You probably will marry the tan one. Adam will make you laugh, and you will have a beautiful home and child together. But he will leave. And you will have to start over, that's never fun. Make your education a priority, make you a priority before you run off to follow his military career, and make your life all about him. He will respect you more for it, and when he does leave, you won't be struggling to find your place in this beautiful world. You will already HAVE your place.

I love you, always be you. Go with your gut, and remember, Daddy is always rite. Don't let your discernment you get from him be cloudded by the big heart filled with sunsine, rainbows and optimism that you get from Momma. Both are wonderful gifts, but use them appropriately. Charish every single day, and stop living for the next one!


You ((at 22))


  1. Oh this made me cry ):
    I'm such a wimp

  2. Made me cry too. <3 Mostly know what you have been through..