Who I am

I am a Mother..
A single mother.
I am a crossfit fanatic.
It has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined.
Music means more to me then it should.
I find my sould in the lyrics from another.
& I am a reality tv junkie.

I love my little Bear
She is my sun and my moon
My strength to start over again.
Those two blue eyes are my reason for living.

I love my family, they really are the best a girl could hope for.
I love my friends, they really push me to find myself again.
I am too forgiving.
I have a huge heart that seems to stay strong even after being shattered.
I am a survivor.

Above all I love GOD
&& am thankful for every expirence I have had, bad or good
I believe there is a lesson in everything.
I have survived an abusive marriage/relationship with a terrible narcissistic man.
I have come out on the other side a stronger, better mother.

I believe in second chances.
I am living proof that you can walk through the burning fire of hell and still find your heaven here on earth again.

In this blog you will follow me as I continue to lose these last el-bees, try to find my place in this world, as a newly divorced twenty something. And struggle to find a balance between my "old life" and my "new life". This blog is about a young woman growing and coming into her own ((maybe a little late))....lots of sweat, tons of tears, my soul for you all to see.


  1. I came across your blog somwhere ?? and love your honesty...Now following you...you go girl!

  2. Replies
    1. holla back youngin' woot woot

      {eventhough I think, I might be the younger one, you tempted me to have a 90's rap flash back} xox

  3. Hey! Just joined the Weigh-in Wednesday post and would love to chat sometime! I used to run a blog about my weight loss journey to lose 100 pounds... Fast forward a few years and I am over at www.whomovedmycheesecake.net with a slightly altered focus. I'm still doing the Weigh-in Wednesday things though and figured it would be good to make some friends in the process!

    Have a great night!