Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIW: 10 Things Crossfit Has Taught Me


Ahh It's Wednesday again. I decided to extend my blogging break, I needed some time, I took it. Now I am back refreshed & wayyy over my break! I missed you girls! It's Wednesday, which means we are supposed to report in our weight progress for the week. Yesterday when I stepped on the scale I was down 2.5lbs from last week. Honestly I was very surprised...Since beginning crossfit I haven't really been loosing weight. Like at all. In two months I have lost 8-10lbs, BUT I have put on tons and tons of lean muscle mass...I've gone from a 14/16 to a 10 in eight weeks. Yesterday  I was even able to put on a pair of my old 8's, I about had a heart attack. It is amazing the things that happen when you stop focusing on the number on the scale going down and instead focus on the weight on the barbell going up!

Left is me at the very beginning of my crossfit journey, Right is me two weeks ago.

10 Things Crossfit Has Taught me: 

1. I am stronger then I think, and more powerful then I ever imagined. In that moment as you are walking up to the rack, about to throw a ridiculious amount of weight over your head, any bit of self doubt goes away. Just Pick It Up.

2. Sometimes it's a good thing to do more then you think you can...Scared to add another 10 pounds to your bear complex because you're scared when you come from your back squat to over head press that it will crash down and bounce off the top of your're probably right. Speaking from expirence, it will hurt, it will bruise, you will be fine. And that failure will humble you, make you stronger for next time.

3. Failure is a good thing!! In life it is inevitible that we fail, if you're sitting there thinking "not me I always win" then you are a giant douche who's lying to themself. Failure keeps you humble. If we always win, if we always succeed the first time we try something...where's the lesson? Where is the excitement when we finally do suceed?

4. Spray Tans Should Be Scheduled Around Rest Days! If you spray two hours before you go to crossfit, and that workout includes running, even if it's WILL still be running in the rain...and you WILL look like a streaky little faaareeeaaakkk. Not to mention probably definitely sweat it out. Not cute. Been there done that. Ain't nobody got time for that.

5. I Can Do Anything for a Set Amount of Time. You walk in, look at the white board and the WOD is full of burpees...but it's only 8 minutes. I can do just about anything for 8 minutes, even burpees. So basically that means I can survive a n y t h i n g!

6. Wine and Pasta should be are considered paleo...ohh they're not? Hmm. You must be on the other Paleo diet! I mean, wine is grapes right?  ;)

7. Calluses Are Effin' Sexayyy. Calluses are a result of hard work and dedication. Picking heavy things up and putting them down, day after day. My hands are now contantly callused, cracked and blistering. I'm damn proud of it too.

8. Stop Focusing on the Number on the Scale!!!! The scale basically tells you a random number of what your body weight is at any given time. BUT it does not tell you what your lean muscle to fat ratio is...or that you are retaining a little extra water because your workout was super intense and your muscles are holding onto it for recovery purposes. We put WAYY WAYYY WAYYY too much emphasis on that number! It's just a stupid number, it doesn't mean a dang thing.

9. Working Out Is FUN! All day I look forward to 5:30 when I leave to go to crossfit. I enjoy everyone, we laugh, we joke, we work wicked hard and encourage eachother every step of the way. We are a family, and it's a wonderful thing to be a part of.

10.  I Can Overcome Anything!! I will and I have.

Crossfit has made me into a brand new person...Or maybe it has reminded me who I am. I look back on the last eight months since Adam kicked us out I left Adam...In the beginning it was hell. I was a miserable mess, falling apart and full of anger. Then two months ago when I walked into crossfit my world changed. Crossfit has taught me to focus, when you walk up to that bar nothing else matters, there is no time to think about anything besides picking it up. That is peaceful. Crossfit has given me strength to press the ignore button, to not pick up the phone when I have a weak moment as I'm watching Adaline sing about squirrles and I look to my right and he is not there... when I get pissed and just want to tell Adam what a heaping pile of garbage he is. "It is what it is" is my new attitude about everything..."Let go and let God" every single thing in life is a lesson, or a blessing. I've learned to take things as they come and just get through them, just like the 15 min AMRAP from hell, this too shall pass and I will be stronger on the other side! The sense of pride and accomplishment you feel when you come out at the end of something you struggle through is astonishing.

Left: Me last June Right: Me yesterday


  1. Glad you are back! You look great and amazing job losing all those pant sizes :)

  2. Yeah girl! Get it :) You're doing amazing. Scale is nothing compared to what an awesome change you can see in the pics!

  3. What an amazing lady you are! Great job not only on losing those pant sizes, but finding yourself again. You are such an inspiration!

  4. love this post! You go girl! You look great!

  5. I would love to do Cross Fit but where I live, that's a no go.
    We're always last on everything Gotta love good ole WV :|

  6. OH MY GOSH - you dropped a ton of inches I'm sure! Going from a 14/16 to a 10 is AMAZEBALLS. These lessons are so true. and that one about Bear Complexes made me LOL. I couldn't do 85lbs because of the behind the head jerk for the longest time.... then I finally got it. Felt SO good!

  7. Thank you for coming back!!! You are truly an inspiration!!! Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope!!! I have missed you!

  8. You look astonishing and all those lessons are good freakin' lessons. Kind of wish we had crossfit here but I suppose I could improvise and learn as much as I can from the internet and try to do it on my own aha.

    You are so inspiring and again, you look fabulous!! Keep up the amazing work and keep on motivating me with your awesomness! xx

  9. Hey, glad to see you post again! I agree with all of your points about Crossfit! I started at the end of February and haven't gone anywhere on the scale past where I was that week. BUT, I'm shredding inches and packing the muscle!

    Keep up the good work, Mama!!

  10. WOW your progress is awesome! Good Job

  11. LOVE YOU!! I'm still going to do Crossfit...I just need to get my stress and time worked out. :( It'll happen. Maybe when I win the lottery. Haha

  12. Just re-reading an older post. Haven't heard from you in awhile and I hope that is because life is spectacular. You are an inspiration!