Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday--What Have I done?


I didn't even weigh today, I was rushing around because I woke up still tired and was a total scatter brain today. That says something huh? Here I am hosting this link up with Miss Erin, and I FORGOT it was Wednedsay!

That tells you exactly where my health has been on the list lately, Dead Flipping Last!!!

It's a victory to get to the end of the day lately...And February is coming to an end a week from today. Am I the only one wondering where the heck did it go? Thankfully in Upstate New York we still have a good three months till it's shorts and tank top weather, so I can get my crap together and still reach my goal for summer.

I keep telling myself it's okay that I'm not spot on with my nutrition, and I think I've probably worked out a total of 6 times in the last 21 days. I am tired, I am unmotivated, and in the last 4 months I have only lost 15 pounds, which I feel like is nothing compared to the 91 pounds I lost in the 18 months prior. But when I do the math on average I loose about 5 pounds per month, when I'm working my ass off. So the 3-4 pounds a month I've been loosing is about normal for me. I just KNOW I can be doing more. I feel like garbage, I'm depressed about the whole divorce nonsense, and my saggy skin isn't helping me feel any better. It could be worse...

 photo tumblr_migb3rDXva1ql5yr7o4_250_zps05baf50a.gif  photo tumblr_migb3rDXva1ql5yr7o1_250_zpsd84db0a4.gif
I could be her

We all have times in our weight loss where we are feeling less motivated, for whatever reason. And if you have never had a day, week month like that, well then you are a faaareeeaaakkkk showwww. I kid, I kid. It's okay to have a harder time, as you all know I have been. But you need to recognise it and get back on track. I've been saying for weeks that I was going to, and my eating has been better 85% of the time, but my exercise has been minimal. That is the difference for me! If I can't find it in me to break a sweat on the reg, then I loose less weight
. Imagine that!?!

Yesterday my girl Sarah from hotmessmommie
texted me and asked if I wanted to do a little weight loss challenge with her. I was all like "Yah Sure" but really I was thinking "No flipping way, I'd rather eat big macs all day long". I suggested the advocare cleanse, and Sarah agreed that sounded like a good idea. Now I'm sure if you follow any weight loss, or fit bloggers you've seen a lot of posts about this cleanse in the last month. We hopped on over to Holly's bloggy blog
to find the link to order from her friend Molly. Our cleanses should be here by the end of the week, and we are planning to start Monday. I'll be taking before and after pictures and blogging my journey for you Divas, I know how much you love to hear about my poop paterns and see my stretch marks on full blast.

Another thing I did for my self & my health was buy a treadmill this week.
 photo proform-8-week-trainer-treadmill-with-18-workout-apps-d-20121226170634523233183_zps4f92b155.jpg
I really miss running! Really Really Really miss it. Arkansas weather was a little, okay a lot more mild then New York weather, and I just refuse to run in the snow. Refuse. So I got this little puppy so I can run in the comfort and warmth of my own home. It comes built in with an 8 week Jullian Micahaels' program. So every morning at 5:15 am I will be doing it Biggest Looser Style and doing the fat girl bounce while Jullian screams at me and autimatically adjusts my incline. Bitch.

Hope you girls had a sucessful week & I cannot wait to read your entries.


  1. Girl that's awesome about over 100 lbs tho. :). Girl you got this!! :)

  2. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous of your treadmill!

  3. Proud of you! Dont make me come to your house and throw away all teh junk! :-)

  4. A treadmill with Jillian Michael's built in? Sounds like torture! You're gonna burn! :)

    And if you're coupling that with the cleanse, nothing can stop you!

  5. Yahoo for treadmills! Way to go mama!

  6. I love my dog and all, but that cat thing is freaking me out. Creeeepy.
    Anyway, I'm jealous of your treadmill. Fill me in cause I want one. Was it super expensive? Where did you get it? I looked up that Bowflex Treadclimber thing once and the price about made me keel over.

  7. ah girl- my post is somewhat similar to this. I'm kinda in place where I need to figure out my mental state. I realized i've lost 7 pounds in the last 5-6 months. WTF. I am obviously capable of more. I just need to figure out what I need to do. or what I want to do. ha.

  8. I'm so jealous of your treadmill! I want one...good for you though! good luck with their cleanse. apparently it is working for everyone else so it should get you back on track. :)

  9. I'm so proud of you... in the midst of everything you're STILL making good choices! You may not be 100% on track but that's ok! Look at you buying a treadmill and getting up to run with Jillian in the mornings... that's a good healthy choice that you're making and I'm proud of you for it!

  10. Awesome job with the treadmill! I am jealous!

  11. That sounds like an awesome treadmill! It is so easy to put our nutrition and health last. It is hard to get out of a rut, but somehow, we will continue on! I love how honest your posts are.

  12. Jillian scares me. If you don't post for a few days I'm going to assume it was death by treadmill:).

  13. HAHAHA, that video KILLS me! Is this on one of those weird obsession/addicted shows? WEIRD! Anyway, have you tried a skin tightening mineral bath? I want to know if it actually works or not.....