Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It Clicked...

Tonight I'm feeling pretty unstoppable!
In fact all week so far I've been feeling that way!
I have been working so hard all week, I cannot wait till weigh in Monday morning!!
I'm really starting to feel Changes in my * b o d *
How awesome does that feel!?!?
Addy and I logged 5 miles today, TWO of those were running...
I'm still as slow as a snail but I'm proud to be out there working hard.

Every morning I've been waking up looking forward to exercising...
Every morning I wake up ready to feed my body for fuel...
Every morning I wake up ready to become a better version of myself!

I feel like I've been a better mom to Addy Bear, and that feels awesome too!
Today in this moment I am happy, I recognize and respect how far I've come in the last year and though I still have a ways to go I know I'll get there!!

On a lighter note, who doesn't like to look cute while you sweat?!?
That's what I thought we ALL like to look cute while we sweat! In one of the blogs I read & inspired me to do my own && get back on the wagon working harder then ever ((mamalaughlin)) she always has these cute tanks with sassy sayings! Tonight I purchased myself a couple!!

You can check them out ((I tried to post pictures but still haven't figured it out on the I pad)) @ ruffles with love on etsy! hopefully by the time I get my tank I will have figured out how to upload a picture :)

Have a great night everyone && if you haven't already...
Get out there and break a sweat!!!!

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