Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's okay to rest....

I have been working my bootay off for the last 3 weeks...literally
When I weighed Monday I had lost another 2 pounds,
2 0 5...
I have officially lost 65 pounds in 10 months.
Woot woot.
I'm trying for another 10 this month, & I'll get there!
So back to "it's okay to rest"
I recently joined a fit group fb page for the ladies @ the air force base out here in little rock...
I've noticed that it has really helped all of us to have that little extra accountability of checking in every day and saying "hey I worked extra hard today, or hey today I'm feeling lazy"
The other thing I've noticed is some people, in my opinion are too flipping extreme.
I have not stopped the last three weeks, I have been:
-walking 2.5 miles in the morning
-doing turbo fire in the evenings
-walking another 2.5 miles and doing c25k once the sun starts to go down with Add in the jogger
-then after all the lifting weights and doing other strength stuff at night once the beebe is in bed
...for three straight weeks...
Needless to say I got worn out!
Monday after our walk in the oh so comfortable 100*+ heat I was exhausted.
I decided to take a rest this week, I've been walking only 2.5 miles since monday and nothing else.
Last night Addy looked at me and said "walk mommy, peassseeee"
So obviously I got my fat butt in gear and got out there!
Once I was out there I felt so good so refreshed.
I ended up running, not c25k running, but just decided to go for it.
Well I ran an entire mile and a half and took 1 min 30sec off my run...
I felt like a beast!
Moral of the story is, it's okay to rest.
Sometimes your body needs to recover, and that's okay.
I hardly think 4 days of taking it easy is going to derail my long term goal.
Intact I think it helped me...
This week showed me the rewards of listening to my body.
Learn to listen once and a while...
It will do you some good.

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