Saturday, July 28, 2012

New size 14..

So this morning I made a big mistake...
I put on my OLD size 14 A&F jeans that I purchased while on my ever expanding journey I like to refer to as Adam courting me...
Apparently eating out every meal doesn't make for a slim waist line...
Uhhhhh duhhhhh.
Now let me first remind you that I have recently gone from a 20 to a 14...
And all the 14's I've bought in the last few months are getting a bit too loose...
So I thought "hey, I just want to see how my old stuff fits"
I was about 185 the last time I wore them, and am 20 pounds heavier then that but I'd like to think some of that is muscle since I work my butt off now, something I certainly didn't do in those days.
Anyways I'll get to the point.
They didn't freaking fit.
Like not they wouldn't button fit
But like cant get them over my ass don't fit.
What. The. Hell.
So then I decided to take a few pairs of my current 14's and match them up to my old ones....
Their WAY bigger.
Like 2 inches on each side ((atleast)) bigger.
Why have stores today changed the way they size their clothes to make it so more of us fit in smaller sizes.
I feel cheated.
Thanks a lot A&F thanks a lot!

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  1. I've noticed this too. That the actual waist line of stores from whom I used to shop in have shrunk. Not cool.