Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Sweet Thoughtful Husband

Last night Adam got out of work early, so he decided to stop at McDonalds and get me some chicken nuggets. I've been feeling sick, and I'm PMSing and well, French fries and diet soda are after all the key to my heart. And of course I H A D to eat it, it would hurt his feelings if I hadn't! <--((insert sarcasm here))
For the last week I've been eating clean(er) cutting out processed foods...mostly eating like a rabbit with come chicken mixed in!
So since my consumption of Adam's gift of Mcdonalds I have been S I C K! 12 hours ago I ate it && ever since I've been tethered to the bathroom. (unpleasant but true)
Moral of the story is...say no to McDonalds (although I know that's never going to happen) BUT I will think twice next time I crave it, I've worked so hard this week trying to get my eating habits back on track and then last night chose to eat something I shouldn't have & I am P A Y I N G for it...big time!

Adam works a funky schedule 1:30-12am, so I don't get to run as much anymore. Here in Arkansas the heat gets up to 110* usually and I have to wait till dark to run...well for the holiday weekend Adam has 5 days off, so that means F I V E nights that I get to run! I have my Nike+ app and play list all ready to go. I can't wait till the sun goes down!!!! :) will report back later with how the run went! For now it's off to do laundry & spend the afternoon in the pool with my loves!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!!!

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