Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday...Pale-ish

Happy Weigh In Wednesday Divas!!

As you know I haven't been weighing myself nearly as much, trying to stick to once a week instead of every day before the shower, at the end of the night, every time I pee. Well, that is MOSTLY because that stupid scale has really been pissing me off lately. She's a liar, and I HATE liars. My first week of crossfit I gained nine pounds, talk about discouraging. The next week I lost two of those, then last week I lost four more. Over this past week I have seen numbers as low as 183, and as high as 191. This morning it was at the higher end. Talk about annoying. Particularly since I started Paleo Sunday, and expected the weight to basically fall off.
Last night we got done before the next class came in for their WOD, so we talked a little about food. Basically I think I's exact words were, "You started paleo right, eff that" HA. I was all like okieee, I thought this was the "crossfit diet," I thought I was doing the right thing...

My endurance the past two days has been less then spectacular. In fact on Monday I thought I was going to pass out mid clean&press, and last night the burpees almost did me in. That is just NOT cute...I do not want to be the girl who passes out. I know if you're a hard core crossfiter you take loosing conciousness as a badge of honor...I do not. I can only imagine what that would look like as my body slams against the floor and I lay there like a whale washed up in Boston Harbor...go ahead have a good laugh.

So anyways, the solution he suggested was paleo with no carbs after 2:00pm. I'm going to call it Pale-ish {pay-lee-ish}. In every sense I will technically still be eating Paleo, just with a little brown rice thrown in at lunch. My body needs those carbs for fuel every night at 6:00pm as I beat the crap out of myself...I will not pass out, I will not throw up.

We also talked about "trusting the process" I told him how I was kind of freaking out because of the yo-yoing of the scale, and how I was used to loosing 1-2 pounds a week, and now I was gaining and loosing the same ten pounds over and over again over the last three weeks. He told me what I already knew, it's muscle. There is another girl that does the morning classes, she has lost over thirty pounds over the last few months. She also gained the first month, six pounds...she was pissed and wanted to stop, she too was told to "trust the process".. she did. Now she is thirty-two pounds lighter, insanely stronger, faster, and solid muscle. Esentially she really lost more then thirty-two pounds, because she packed on a ton of muscle. When you are used to just doing cardio, and used to loosing the normal one-two pounds a week, it is painfully hard to see the scale go in the opposite direction. But...I am just going to "trust the process" I know ultimately if I keep doing exactly what I've been doing I will get to exactly where I want to be.

It has been three weeks tomorrow since I first walked into the box and did my first WOD. The picture on the left was taken three weeks ago...I can see diffrences in my body. My belly is thinning out, I'm starting to see the makings of abs, glutes, biceps...but I decided to measure today for the heck of it..Remember it has ONLY been three weeks since I first started crossfit, ONLY three weeks since I last measured.

Before:                                                                    After:
Right Thigh-24                                                         Right Thigh-20 {-4}
Left Thigh-23                                                           Left Thigh -19 1/2 {-3.5}
Hips-44                                                                   Hips- 39 {-5}
Waist-31                                                                 Waist- 28 {-3}
Chest-38                                                                 Chest- 37 {-1}
Left Arm-12                                                            Left Arm- 12 {-0}
Right Arm 12 1/2                                                     Right Arm- 12 {-1/2}

That is a total of 17 inches in THREE weeks!
That is completely insane, I knew I was seeing changes, I have lost two pant sizes, and now three pounds but I never expected it to be 17 inches lost! If that isn't encouragement to "trust" the process I don't know what is!



  1. Great job lady! You are looking FIERCE!!!!

  2. That is awesome! I wish I knew a crossfit place close to my house!

  3. You look auh-mazing!!! You give me the encouragement I need to stick with Crossfit for awhile!

  4. Amazing results! Keep up up girl!

  5. You are looking amazing!!! What an inspiration!

  6. I may be crying I am so proud... seriously.

  7. You look amazing! 17 inches is incredible! Great work!

  8. Amazing! You are doing a great job!

  9. Wow girl - the inches have spoken! way to go!!

  10. Great job girlie! That is amazing! Inches is what counts anyways Id always choose a smaller pant size then a smaller number on the scale! I can't wait to see where your journey will take you! Amazing!

  11. Hi, I'm sorta new to blogging, not sure it will actually take. But I wondered if I could do your whole weigh in Wednesdays with you and Erin? I don't know what proper etiquette so I just thought I'd ask if I can link your blog on my post. Again sorry, total NEWB!!! But I love your blog and you are just awesome!!!! Thanks

  12. That is awesome and you can TOTES see a difference. The scale really is a lying bitch who can't be trusted.

  13. Amazing loss for three weeks. Way to go!!

  14. That is great! I would love to try cross fit!

  15. Awesome! You can def see a difference girl! <3 I have been wanting to do sign up at a Crossfit gym for awhile, but the no child care thing is a bit of a friggin bummer and makes it not possible for me to join. Guess I will just have to stay at my small outdated gym for now lol. Keep up the great work!

  16. That is awesome! I don't think Crossfit is offered anywhere near me, but I'm definitely interested in trying it, especially after seeing that AMAZING number.

  17. New to the link up!
    Wanted to introduce myself! My name is Brandy and I blog over at!
    The scale is truly a mean thing!
    I've also considered doing measurements! I may have to do that.
    Congrats on the inches lost! Keep it up!

  18. Wow! You have seen some pretty amazing results with Crossfit. That's awesome. I would definitely be trusting the process with results like that!

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  20. That is AWESOME!!! I don't even know what else to say! I want to do Cross Fit so bad, I just can't afford it right now :(