Monday, March 4, 2013

The Secret...

For the last month or two I've been a depressed pile of hott mess!
Not that I've been eating a lot, but I have just been making bad choices,
It happens. Life Happens.
And I managed to maintain the same weight for 8 weeks...
Last week when I started this Advocare Cleanse...all of that changed.

I've been thinking about this post for a while, I get super annoyed when people comment on some of the fitness IG accounts or Blogs I follow and ask things like, "what brand of paper plates do you use?" I kid. That does annoy me, but what really gets me going is when people are like, "how did you get that body, tell me the secret." {Disclaimer, I do not have an issue with asking for guidence, I have an issue with the idea that people think there is some super secret recipe for weight loss.}

The Secret is there is NO secret...

What it really breaks down to is your calories in need to be less then your calories the end of the day if you have a 500 calorie deficite you will loose one pound in seven days.

STOP STARVING YOURSELF. You're body will eat it's own muscle tissue, and you will be left with a "skinny fat" body. Think about it in terms of a piece of meat if that makes it easier for, when I eat a steak I cut all of the oooey gooey fat off and eat the muscle tissue. It has more nutrients, lean protine, and well fat is chewy and gross. Your body will do the same thing, it gets more nutrients from the muscle so it will eat that up before it starts to digest the fat.

 photo ef0b4aab-5fbd-48aa-b5b8-1f1b7a45026f_zps0118078b.jpg
Seriously, which would you rather have?

BUILD MUSCLE. When you start weight training, especially if you're a recovering cardio queen, you will more then likely gain weight. Muscle weighs more then fat, but takes up less room. Heavier, but less inches. Also, to build muscle you have to cause some type of "trama" to your muscles. As a protective measure your body will hold onto water weight and store it to help your muscles recover. Don't be discouraged, there have been months where I didn't loose a single pound but I lost a pant size because I was weight training. And stop being a wimp, put away your 5 pounder granny weights...find a barbell, load on the weight and get to sweating.

 photo cac1fc57-6223-4d5f-afa4-eac241c66b64_zps036d589a.jpg

DRINK YOUR WATER. You should be peeing as much as a woman who's 9 months pregnant with a 10 pound baby kicking her bladder. On average I drink at least a gallon of water a day, it's so important to remain hydrated.

FEED YOUR BODY FOR FUEL. Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruit,whole grains and lean protien. The things I eat the most are: salad, protein meal replacement shakes, almound milk, unsalted cashews, think thin bars, hard boiled egg whites, apples, natural PB, oranges, chicken. Now I'm not going to pretend like I don't eat pizza, or french fries. Clearly I do. And I don't intend on giving up those foods any time soon. On Fridays when we eat pizza I fill my plate with salad and then eat a slice of pizza. Much better then eating half a pizza. You have to learn moderation. Weight loss is all about give and take. Is that piece of pizza worth an hour in the gym...hells yes if it is, then eat it. Deprivation is setting yourself up for failure. If you're at a birthday and everyone is eating cake, go ahead and have a piece. For me that piece of cake during the party will keep me from sneaking around in the dark eating half of the sheet cake in the middle of the night.


I hope you Divas had a good weekend, I know I sure did with my Addy bear! On Saturday she even fell asleep in my bed with me, that hasn't happened in a long long time. I fall even more in love with her every day. She is my sun and my moon. my bestest, littlest friend. She's my family. Eventhough it's not the conventional two parent two-point-five children, nuclear's mine. It's ours. A village is truly raising my child and we are SO blessed to have our family in our life. This weekend while Addy was watching her favorite show {the episode just happened to be titled, grown ups come back} and she looked at my mom and said "My daddy not come back for me, Mim. Grown-ups come back" I was down in the kitchen getting her juice and I heard it and wanted to crawl under the counter and die. Instead it just made me really feel solid in my decision that Addy shouldn't be around Adam. He's not dependable, and he didn't want us. He is not a grown-up. We have so many people around us that can love us, both of us, he chose to stop...I'm not unlovable, Adddy is certainly not unlovable...The King is just really missing out. He is a complete idiot. He will regret this one day. In the mean time my heart is starting to be able to be filled with joy again. Loving Adaline, and watching everyone around us love her is making it so much easier to get through this. I honestly feel like this is the right thing, I can see a future with my girl, and it doesn't have The King in it. When I think about it, I'm not sure if I could really ever picture us old and gray together...not in a long time...

 photo 30809dd7-14ac-4c51-9ff5-8178a932cda5_zpsf70e8692.jpg

Everybody go join my girl, my fellow WIW host, and my dear friend Erin's dietbet {HERE} The pot is already over $1000 It starts the 6th, which also happens to be weigh in wednesday, and the final weigh in is April 3rd...My 4th wedding anniversary. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate then eight el-bees lighter.


  1. You sound a little better in this post... like you're healing a little bit and I'm glad, I know things have been super tough for you lately! Doesn't it just take your breath away to hear Addy make a comment like that? It'll happen again throughout the years and although your care and concern for him will be nothing, that take your breath away feeling never goes away. I had one of those moments this weekend :/ Anyways, chin up buttercup... I hope you're doing ok! xoxo

  2. Love those pics of you too!!!! :) I joined the diet bet, holla!

  3. Although I can't relate to your situation, I can only imagine how difficult it must be. And the fact that you even left your ex in the first place, is HUGE. I hope you know that! You did the best thing for you and that adorable little girl of yours You are a strong *ss woman! I just felt like I needed to tell you that. :) Thanks for being so open with the blog world.

  4. Solid all around advice! Hope you start to turn things around soon lady, prayers and hugs for you! Happy Monday!

  5. Great post. From the weight loss to your healing. Sounds like things are getting a little better. You are strong and Addy will be too. I would bet that one day she will thank you for the decision you made.

    Chin up<3

  6. Great advice!! Thanks for the tips!

  7. I want that ass on the right....

    I'm stoked about the diet bet, although I just realized I'm going to be on vacation at the final weigh in time! Will need to bring my scales with me! LOL And not go hog wild for at least the FIRST part of the trip!