Thursday, March 14, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: CrossFit Mama.

Weigh in Wednesday...On a Thursday. Womp Womp.

Crossfit Mamma:
A title I've been lusting after for y e a r s.

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There is just something about the accomplishment that you feel or I imagine you feel as you end a work out laying flat on your back in a puddle of your own sweat and probably vomit knowing you just literally gave EVERYTHING you had inside you for that short period of time. I imagine you leave the box {that's what "they" call a crossfit gym, reminds me of some primal cavemand name "box" simple...but holy cow, that shizz is no joke}.

One hundred pounds ago I was up to my eyeballs in self doubt. I lived with an abusive man who never told me other wise. Over these last months as I lost more and more weight, and finally made the decision to leave his sorry butt behind, a new more confident woman has found her way to the surface. I look back on the last four years of my marriage and see the way I survived and overcame a rather, frankly, devastatingly shitty situation. From here on out I don't think life will be easy by any means, but everytime it gets hard, I can look back on that day I made the decision to leave and know that I can do anything.

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It just so happens that the "anything" I want to do rite now is Crossfit. Do ya'll follow my lady friend Shelly from Shelly No Belly? Well you should. She's a Texas mom of two who entered this weight loss competition, and when the day came that she would be matched up with the gym that would be sponsoring her along her journey. She got matched up with Crossfit Waco. I imagined she about died on the spot from intimidation, I know I would have. If she failed it wouldn't be just her she was letting down, this was a highly publicised event in her local area. Shelly did it, and she's doing it. It's been almost nine weeks not since she walked into that box. Inside she wrote me about the love and support she recieved from the start. The endless encouragement, and the pride she feels everytime she acomplishes something great. She recently competed for the crossfit games and surprised her self with the astounding progress she has made in such a short time. Shelly, girl, you are a rockstar!

Needless to say I am so inspired by her ability to walk into such an intense work out with out prepping. That was always my fear when I was fat {not that I don't still have work to do, and I'm far from skinny, but I don't call myself fat anymore} that I wasn't "ready". You all know what I mean, "oh I'll sign up for the gym once I've lost some weight" ha, how is that productive at all. Not that I belong to a gym currently, I've lost all 100 of my pounds the old fashioned way, eating well most of the time walks with Adaline, Running with the jogging stroller, and at home work outs such as body pump and turbo fire.

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I am so motivated by the transformations I see of people who do crossfit, particularly the women. You would think this was mostly a male dominated meat head sport, it's not. I would say that we "soccer moms" make up a vast majority of the crossfit following. We birthed ten pound babies afterall, we can flip a mothereffing tire and do blurpees till our legs go numb. DUH.

I am doing really well in the diet bet, I lost three pounds this week, and ya'll know I have been struggling to just loose one pound a week, let alone three. I am hoping to be able to win enough money to pay for part of my first month of Crossfit, it's $80 for a month of unlimited classes. Which honestly isn't that bad. I'm a little intimidated by my old ACL tear, but I trust the trainer and I trust that he will make sure to guide me in a way that I will be able to strengthen the muscles around my injury with out completely destroying it even more.

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I will do this and I will feel like the Queen of the World when I'm finished. It's a battle with yourself, one which I think I can win. I cannot wait to go for the first time. I hope I survive...I know I will. And I know I have all of you on my side as always. I love you girls, and I am so thankful for the relationships I have formed with each and every one of you. xoxo


  1. this is so, so, so awesome and so motivational. I needed it today!

  2. Great post! I've been thinking about CrossFit as well but am also a bit intimidated by it. I have heard you can acheive some amazing results.

  3. I've been really interested in learning more about crossfit but I just haven't taken the time to do it - I think I will now. Thanks!
    Lacey @ CHARM + Sass

  4. I've heard a lot about Crossfit in the blogging world and do believe you can achieve great results from doing it. I hope you succeed in the DietBet so you can pay for that first month. Best of luck!

  5. Awesome job girl!! You are in for a fantastic future!!

  6. Great job losing the three pounds. My cousin does crossfit and she looks amazing. The 'ol knee injury can be intimidating! I tore my meniscus a few times and the thought of another surgery scares me. Hope you keep doing great at the dietbet!

  7. I'm seriously so happy you tried crossfit!! You're amazing and don't let anyone tell you otherwise :)