Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Best or Worst Week Ever? You Decide...

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In the News This Week

This was either the Best or Worst week ever in the news you decide

1. First things first this morning Psy Gangnam..
The guy that has americans, galluping like drunken horses. We're talking about psy, the south korean rapper behind the "gangnam style" phase. As if that whole cultural phenomonon didn't already leave me scratching my head...now it certainly does. In 2004, after a korean missionary was killed in iraq, psy performed at a protest concert. Singing along to another band's song called "dear american" including these lyrics. Kill those bleeping yankees. Later he "explained" in a statement, "the song I was featured in years ago, was part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in iraq and the killing of two korean schoolgirls." In the lyrics he talks about killing American children and women...an eye for an eye Psy? He has become so popular, he headlines this year's american usic awards...hmmm. American's need to be more educated about the people they idolize...That man is not a man I want my child looking up to...next person I see "Gangman Style" dancing, is getting a donkey kick to the head.

2. Pranking of King Edward VII hospital in England...
Now I don't know if you watch the news or not, but I cannot get enough of it. Either way if you don't live under a rock I hope you know what I'm talking about...Kate got really bad morning sickness bitch puhleeasseee.Well the controversey that surrounds this story is all about two Austrailian DJs who called and "pranked" the hospital pretending to be The Queen and Prince Charles. The nurse who they spoke to later was found dead a few blocks from the hospital. The network has since cancled the Radio Show...ridiculious. I'm with you Star Jones, sistafrann, I think it's insane to blame the radio show hosts for this woman's death. If she didn't realize when the clucking about corgies began that it was a joke...that's her problem noth theirs. Give 'em their show back && stop being so damn sensitive. Frankly I'm just sick of hearing about it on the morning show, 5 o'clock, 5:30, 6 and 6:30 news every day for the last week or so since it's happened...annnoyyyinnnggg.

3. Celebrities in Ugly Christmas Sweaters...
Truthfully I cannot believe this story even made the news or can I,
BUT reguardless it's funny, to see celebrities looking like fools and serves no other purpose then to prove Matt Damon can wear the ugliest thing I have ever seen and still be smokin' hottttt.
{If you're reading this Matty Boy, yes yes yes I WILL absolutely have your babies}

4.Beyonce's Pepsi Deal...
Now, this sexy mamma needs no introduction. BUT in headlines this week there is talk about her 50million dollar Pepsi deal. Holy Shit Balls...can you even imagine what 50million dollars looks like...let alone what you would do with it. If I had 50 million dollars I probably would follow suit and like Beyonce name my kid something ridiculious like Red Geranium, and booty pop all over town. Dang girl, werrrkkk it!

5. Twitter..Top Tweets of the Year
This years top tweets were from The Beibs and Mr.President. Upon re-election Obama's tweet got 810,000 re-tweets and 300,000 likes. When Bieber's super fan 6 year-old Avalanna Routh died from cancer he expressed his sadness in what other form then a tweet? The Beibs got 220,000 re-tweets on that post!!!

Now these are all pop culture new headlines, other things in the news this week {that take higher precidence} are HSBC's money laundering scandal, Egypts inevitable cliff surrounding constant political and economic termoil, or the 28 year old bronze star recipient and Navy Seal who was killed in Afghanistan while participating in a mission to rescue an Afghnai Dr.

Any one else have any wacky news headlines they would like to tell me about, please do share...


  1. The Biebs and the president.... almost as bad as Honey Boo Boo being on Barbara walters most interesting person list... ahaha

    1. ugh I know...what the heck is wrong with our world! lol