Friday, December 14, 2012


T G I freakin' F

This week has been...interesting.
Addy has been perfect as usual, and I have had more time off to spend with her cute little butt.
I've gotten all my Christmas Shopping done, even Adaline's stocking.
Now that just leaves wrapping which I absolutely HATE.
Kid's toys should all be in perfectly square boxes...that would just be too easy though.
Eventually I will sit down get drunk have a glass of wine and wrap the presents. eventually.

On Tuesday I got a phone call from The King.
While I was at work, because he's cool like that.
Basically he told me the following:
1. He wanted to hurry up the divorce, we needed to figure out a way
{in New York you have to wait a year for a divorce. he's a idiot}
2.His reasoning for hurrying along the divorce was because he was lonely, and wanted to have someone to talk to.
Hello asshat you could always talk to your w i f e.
3.He then proceeded to tell me that he knows I have MY needs and I need to just move on.
Meaning I need to move into someone else's bed...
Not happening.
4.THEN he decided to scream and yell and point his finger at me again for everything that is wrong in his life.
ALL of which is his choice.
Then he had a pitty party about how he will be alone for Christmas.
In all honesty I DO feel bad for him, how could I not.
BUT to hear him yell at me again, it was like a wake up call
I forgot what that felt like, and I had forgotten while I left.
I left to protect my baby from ever having to be spoken to like that.
I had a good UGLY cry...and now I'm over it.
Now I'm mad...which might be more dangerous then me being sad.
For Adam at least

Operation MILFdom Update

This has been me...all week.
All freakin' week.
Yah, I've been great with doing my exercising, but I have literally eaten
e v e r y t h i n g.everything.
Wahhh I don't even want to weigh next week
Plastic Surgery is looking better and better
If only my budget,which is zero would allow for a little nip tuck suck suck suck

Tonight we have a Christmas party to go to.
The Divas are coming of course.
I went last night to look for a shirt..I got one but I don't love it.
Atleast It was only $11 {holla for a dolla}

Everything I try on that is exactly how I feel...
I never ever ever understand why any one would want fake boobies.
I have DDD (sometimes even F} boobs and I hate the mothers
especailly since they became feed bags my child's food source
Nothing I put on fits my boobs..ever.
Hopefully tonight I won't have a stage 5 melt down and kill everyone with in a 10 foot radius
We also have another family party with the non-drunken redneck side my mom's side
Sooo there will be a lot of pictures taken. oh joy

Have a good weekend girls, I know I will


  1. Hey There! New follower. I just wanted to say that I think you are amazing. I know breakups are sucktastic without a marriage, a baby, and douchebag homewreckers, and I think you are handling it famously!

    1. Thank you, I am REALLY trying. Some days I have to talk myself out of digging a big whole in the ground to burry someone's lying cheating butt in (won't name any names lol) but you get the picture. I just cannot believe I married that idiot!!!! bahhh.

  2. LOOK AT YOU GOING WITH YOUR BAD ASS GIF'N SELF!!!!! eeeeeek! PS fuck the ex and bring on the booze. I hate to WRAP but I lurve to RAP. You down with MKB? Ya you know me? Jigga what???????????? Okay I have NO idea what the hell I am even talking about at this point! PS I have my Husby's work Christmas party tomorrow night, too! Holla for looking beautimous ya little MILF you...

    1. Ahh I have been trying to figure out how to put the little effers on my blog. I have literally hundereds saved and couldn't figure it out for the life of me...then i smartened up an googled that shit. uhhh duhh! Gurl I wish I could r a that would be a sight, in my cardigan and pearls all you forgot about dre style. HA! I hate christmas parties, if it weren't for an excuse to get dressed, and get drunk I would avoid them at all costs! better take pictures fareaaakkk

  3. I am a new follower! You are better than that. Don't let anyone talk to you that way. I am sure it hurts, but think of how great it is that your little one won't ever be treated that way!

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  4. Hugs to you girl! You do not need that crap. I hate the wrapping too. I usually wait until Christmas Eve to wrap. Have a great weekend!

  5. I really love that all your images are real housewives :) I'm sure you will look hot-to-trot this weekend! Have a great time!