Monday, December 17, 2012

Dance it out it's Monday

Hey Girlll Heyyyyyyy.

Well Monday has come way to quickly, as usual, this week and every week.
I cannot believe there are now only seven shopping days untill Christmas.
Good thing I am a fantastic online shopper, and scored AMAZING deals
AND didn't even have to get off my bootay and deal with other shoppers to finish my list.
Adaline is getting too much just enough for a princess.
No, but for real...she's getting way too much
A doll
American girl changing table
American girl crib & accessories
American girl baby dr kit {which she will lurvvve, she was using her mistle toe headbang as a stethascope last night.}
MaybeWe will be forcing her against her will to become the doctor mommy dearest always wanted to be, but let The King get in the way of.
Being a SAHM is kind of like being a Dr rite...?
Yah, I don't think so either.
Now back to Spider Monkey's list...
New Colombia fleece, and matching hat
Patten Leather knee high boots
{because why not}
Doll Highchair
Doll Diaper Bag
Toddler Sized Hot Pink Nike Soccer ball
{I NEED to coach rec league soccer not optonal}
An Easel & Craft Supplies {smock too so my OCD can be kept at bay}
Letter Magnets
Dolly Stroller
Gobs of Gymboree {including a fur vest,how could I not}
There's more, but that's all I can think of now, and all I really care to even think about having to wrap!

This weekend was great, Addy & I spent it with family and friends. AND I avoided The King, which is a major MAJOR accomplishment. Turns out all I had to do was tell him he needed to contact my father who is a fervent NRA supporter, concealed pistol permit carrier, who calls the kimber store the nursery...he's always packin' and HATES The King.
{always has.always will.}
Now he's also a big baby, but he's my Daddy
And Daddy's hate anyone who hurts their babies, and even more so their grandbabies.
Lesbihonest The King would be too scared to call Daddy to Skype Adaline...
Mission Accomplished!!!!
Our six year anniversary is this week, it's been 100 days since we seperated
AND I'm just fianlly realizing that I'm done playing his games & I'm done being abused.

Friday night I spent with Mandy, Llama & Rach {Matty too} playing apples to apples and drinking wine<3 Saturday Addy and I layed around all day & at night Grammy and I finished up her Christmas Shopping. Sunday was our family Christmas party with Mom's side {all 60+ of us} I may or may not have had a few meltdowns
{cue the rum & little green Mommy Candy}
After that I felt wonderful and was able to enjoy my child, and avoided a heart attack worrying about her being scared and screaming at Santa {again}

On a more serious note, let's talk about the school shooting in Connecticut. 20 Students {ages 6-7} and 8 Administrators were murdered. Could you even imagine a more awful thing, I know as a mother my heart shattered to pieces as I watch the coverage. How can you help but ask WHY GOD!?!My GOD, your GOD, our GOD is a good and gracious father. He gives us our own free will, what we choose to do with that is of our own to decide. Now after this awful thing happened GOD is holding every one of those little children in his arms, they are home with their father. I find comfort in that. They are safe, and died with their innocence still intact. That is a true blessing in the ugliness of the situation.

I got two AMAZING deals this weekend. Now I am a fantastic online shopper, but I really think I outdid myself this time. I got the Frye boots I have been eyeing for $275 onsale, with an extra 20% off and free shipping, instead of the $433 I was going to pay for them at Zappos. score. The second thing I got was a Michael Kors handbag...I know, I know. I D I E. It has a small defect on the inner lining, I scored it for $199, it retails for $389.
{I don't get it till Christmas though, ugh I cannot wait to smell that leather!}

That moment when you try on Jeggings at a three way mirror and realize that you have a big ass. I carry all my weigh in my boobs{not the worst thing} and my booty{not such a good thing}. Reguardless I am going to keep squating, lunging, and starving myself because I bought the jeans, and a sistaaa has gotta look good from behind!






Dance It Out Divas It's Monday


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