Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taking The P L U N G E...

SO I have decided today is the day..
And by the day I mean the day I take off all my clothes for you boo-boo
Yes I'm talkin' to Y O U!!
Lately I've been noticing boys again...
Or maybe I should say men, yah they're definitely men...
eventually I am going to have to get naked with someone
Someone who didn't see my body before stretch marks and cellulite took residency on every surface.
Someone who's child I did not carry, creating all those marks.
Someone who I want to be able to be naked with and leave the lights O N.
Someone who isn't Adam.
And truth be told there is a saucy little diva doing a dance in my pants...
And she is counting the days till this divorce is finalized and she can run around buck nekkid!
Kidding, I wouldn't really do that, BUT I want to be comfortable enough with my body that I wouldn't be pooping my pants thinking about being naked with a member of the male species!

Today is day one of my 90 day challenge

I started doing Les Mills Body pump about three weeks before the bomb was dropped and saw awesome results.
A W E S O M E. F A N T A S T I C. A M A Z E B A L L S.
But I didn't finish...
I spent my first 3 months shoving down my emotions & shoving my face.
Well, that didn't solve a dang thing! {{Who wouldda thunk it?}}

SOOO now I am turning over a new leaf.
I am in control of my story, my life, my future. no one else.
I cannot control or change my past, and now I need to create my own identity.
And most of all, beyond being Addy's mother, a successful student, a good employee, a lovable family member, or an independent womannnnn {{throw your hands up at me}}...
I want to find my inner fit chick

Tonight I started Day 1...
I spent 30 minutes doing fire30 with Mrs.Johnson, then followed that with 55 minutes with the hottest sweeds I have ever seen. {{Pedder....swooonnnn}}

My Work-Out schedule over the next 90 days will consist of some two-a-days, some yoga, HIIT, and lots of time with the barbell. Now this isn't an "official" schedule from either program, it's something I put together based on time that I have each day, and my favorite work outs in the programs.

Fire 30 (30 minutes kick boxing)
Pump Revolution (55 min)

HIIT 20 (20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training)
Pump and Shred (45 Minutes)

Fire 30 (30 minutes kick boxing)
Pump and Burn (30 minutes)

HIIT 20 (20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training)
Les Mills Flow (20 minutes yoga)

Pump Revolution (55 minutes)

HIIT 20 (20 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training)
Les Mills Flow (20 minutes yoga)


And now for my Day 1 Picture...EEKKKK

Yep, I really just did that
Excuse the sweat glistening on my bod
I just finished my 90 minutes of hell

Day one measurements:
Left arm- 12 1/4
Right arm- 12 1/2
Chest- 36
Waist- 31
Hips- 43 {I remember when I started this # was 56 inches huh yikes}
Left Thigh- 23 1/4
Right Thigh- 23 1/2

AND just so I can make myself feel better about posting THAT you all can see how far I have come over the last year and 70 pounds, here are a few oldies...


Now this makes me want to jump off a bridge, and jump for joy at the same time...when you see pictures of yourself you really really really can see how far you have come, AND it feels good. For the record, I cannot even wear those jeans anymore bc they are too big! wooty woot woot!

If you remember correctly, those pictures in THAT shirt are the ones that changed it all for me...It is a men's large and was SKIN tight! Now it's actually really baggy! And that feels awesome!

I have come really far in a year, and so much has changed, in these next 90 days I will loose at least 25 pounds, that's roughly 2 pounds a week, and totally do-able! I'm ready for a change, I'm ready to rock some leather leggings and nude heels and know I'm not hiding any cellulite underneath.

ready set go


  1. You go girl! I started following your blog a couple weeks ago and I am right there with ya! We can do this! You have already made such progress which is amazing. Let's rock it!

  2. Girl you look great! Good luck with the next set of pound shedding!!

  3. You can do it! You look great now and have made a great deal of progress!

    I nominated you for an award :)