Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Random Wednesday:Top 20 of 2012

today I'm linking up again with Shana from Because Shana Said So for Random Wednesday #12. I love love love todays topic, because like everyone else my favorite topic is me, myself and I. AND I love to tell you all about the things I like. Today's topic is 20 favorite things from 2012. Can you even belive this year is already coming to an end...I can't, but I am really looking forward to 2013. It has GOTTA be better then the shit storm that was my 2012.

1. Reality Tv:
We all know I am a reality tv junkie, can't get enough. It's nice to see someone else being a train wreck to help give your self esteem a little kick in the butt.

2.Album: This is so tough for me, SO tough. For every phase of this year I have had a different favorite. First it was Adele-21{her song Turning Tables Completely and Acurately Discribed my reality}, Second would be Snow Patrol-Fallen Empires { I am a Snow Patrol fareeaaakk the songs Those Distant Bells & This isn't Everything You Are
were the anthem to the crumbling of my marriage. And Taylor Swift-Red Who doesn't love Taylor Swift?? Okay, no one, that's what I thought. I bought the Album the week after I got home {with a $10 giftcard I got for buying diapers in bulk, holla for a dolla} and I've listened to it every single day since.

3.Sistafranns: I've been away from them for years, and it is SO nice to have them around all the time. I love you girls.

4.Mistresses: Yes, you read that rite. Now this has literally beed the HARDEST thing I have gone through, but now that some time has gone by I can really see that I dodged a bullet with that one. As much as I loved the life we built, I did not love that awful man anymore, how could I. SO take him gurlll, see if he is everything YOU imagined and more.

{ps, he's not, but you deserve eachother}

5. Fashion Trend: peplum tops, colord denim, scarves, riding boots. To be fair my least favorite are shirts with lace inlay, ugh and combat boots. gag me.

{especially if you tuck your skinny jeans into them, ICK}

6. Jewlery: My sideways cross necklace with Addy's initial and birthstone from hot mix cold <3 You can get it here.

7. Home Decor Trend: CHEVRON. I love love love love love it. Love. And all the bold colors that are popular now. Oh AND animal print. Once Addy and I have our own pad everything will be purple,chevron, and animal print!{because I can}

8. Cosmetics: BB cream, ELF anything {seriously as good as my bare minerals and its chaaaaeaaappp} & Bare Minerals lip plumping lip gloss.

9. Place to Shop: I do most of my every day shopping on Amazon, lately I've been loving Express for me and Gymboree for Addy {duh}

10. Favorite Purchase: Hands down Frye Boots. I've wanted them for years, this year I sold some jewlery The King gave me and bought some awesome boots that I can kick his ass in ;) Good trade off I think!

11. Favorite Way Relax: Body Pump, tanning, reality tv.

12. Favorite Exercise: Body Pump, makes me feel so strong & the instructors are hot hot hottttt.

13. Book: Fifty Shades. Tie me up and Spank me <3 14. Tv Show: Non-Reality-Scandal.Mindy Project. Ben&Kate. Reality-Anything housewives

15. I phone app: Amazon. Facebook. Pic-collage. {I'm not an instagrammer}

16. Clothing Item: colored denim.

17. Blog Memory: Finding Holly, then through her finding Lindsey, then through her finding Marcy.

18. Mommy Product: My jogging stroller...tike tech.{It's also a good $100 cheaper now that target is carrying it. LOVE.

19. Family: I've missed them, they are wonderful, and I am so glad to be home.

20. Social Media: Blogger. I started blogging this year, I absolutely love to just be able spew randomness from my mouth, and I LOVE the lovely hookers I have met that have become my friends xoxox.

What are your top 20 for 2012, link up with Shana & share yours



  1. I'm totally going to check out that necklace... Erin wants!

    Also? I'm proud of you for selling jewelry that Adam gave you... that's a big step girl, be proud of yourself!

    I'm in looove with BB Cream... just started using it a few weeks ago and now I'm obsessed! So good!

    1. I wear it every day girl, I love the $43 neclace I bought MYSELF more then the $1200 journey diamond necklace I've been wearing like a nuce for the last 5 years that Adam bought me. that thing had ta' go. I have it in gold with a freshwater pearl, but I want more colors now too. I LOVE it and get so many compliments!!! You have to get one!!! Her stuff is so cool!!!

  2. Yaaaaaaay!!! I am so happy your posted your 20 things!!! So fun reading except the Mistress part!! Boo on him and her! Hold your head high, sister!! Thanks a million for linking up!!

  3. Hey girl! Found you from Shanna's link up! So excited to find a fellow reality tv junkie! I look forward to following along and getting your take on all the drama on tv! :)