Friday, November 9, 2012

52 in 52

Never thought it would come, but it's h e r e...Happy Friday Everyone!
It's been a LONG week and I cannot wait to get home to my little.I have been having a rough time adjusting to working again.I'm used to being there for every second, but luckily I have an awesome Mom, therefore Adalaine has an AMAZING Memmay who takes care of her while I'm at work. And I am both thankful and infinitely blessed!!

I have a lot of time on my hands while I sit here at work...Lot's of time for things like, homework (ick), coming up with ways to make Adam's life miserable totally kidding...kinda AND today's brilliant idea ((drum roll please)) 52 in 52.

What the heck is 52 in 52 you ask...well basically its 52 adventures ((brand new expirences, fun things you've always wanted to do, things that scare your pants off and in any other normal circumstance you would never try, things that you would feel like a beast if you completed, charitable things for the community...yadda yadda yadda you get the point)) In completing these 52 diffrent missions of doom adventures, you in turn learn more about yourself and grow in ways you could never imagine.

So this is a great idea in itself, but what would make it even better?? Having one of the most spectacular bad mamma jammas in the entire universe by your side, maybe? Well luckily for me, I have the perfect D I V A for a sidekick. My Mandy!! She's been by my side through every minute of the last 5 years, even when she was 1400 miles away when I had Addy, when I came home when Adam deployed, and most recently my world was falling apart. I could call her, she would listen to me cry, tell me how amazing I was and how I needed to leave RITE THAT SECOND, and that she would pray. She never ever judged my decisions, and always has been my strongest support. She has a faith I admire, she's so confident, strong & at peace with her life, she is the biggest diva I know, and it just so happens, I am the lucky biotch that gets to call her my best friend!!

Mandy and I on my wedding day...

The Divas And I...that's Mandy on the end ((incase the big pink arrow wasn't a dead give away))

Mandy and I in all our glory...surrounded by mexican food and tequila!

So we are going to be partners in this 52 in 52 adventure! Me because I need something to look forward to so that I can, be distracted from prank calling Adam, and more revenge plotting, oops I meant to say grow into a new stronger indepentdent woman. ((All the women who are independent, Throw your hands up at me! All the honey's who makin' money,Throw your hands up at me! All the mommas who profit dollas, Throw your hands up at me!!))Ha Ha Ha, don't even try to tell me I'm the only one who instantly sees Beyonce & Michelle on the beach in loin cloths singing about proffitin' dollas every single time I hear anything about a woman being independent! And as far as Mandy Pants, she doesn't need to be more independent, or really even stronger, she's practically the hulk, but she does need to open herself up. "Open the Gate" as we learned to call it recently in our Boundries bible study class!

So anyways our ideas so far include:
1. Run a half marathon in Lake Placid, NY next fall. REALLY I just want the flippin 13.1 sticker ((I probably should just buy one off line, and save all the trouble)) kidding, I would never do that!! okay maybe I would, but I won't.
2. Tour a winery ((what diva doesn't L O V E wine))
3. Skydive ((per my request...Mandy's immediate response "ohh my goodness crap my pants" ha ha))
4. Go to the City ((yes it's true I have lived in NY all of my life and I am embarassed to say...I have never been to NYC))
5. Do something charatible...idk maybe feed some homeless people?

As you can tell, we have a LOT more brainstorming to do. But it is going to be one amazing 2013!!! If anyone has any ideas, feel FREE to share in comments! We need all the help we can get!! I plan to add our 52 in 52
adventure to my blogging, complete with LOTS of embarrasing
exciting pictures, and funny stories about our adventures! Meanwhile Mandy Pants will be scrap booking it, so we can NEVER forget what is bound to be an amazing year!

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