Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Every Time I don't, I almost do...

I told you all I was going to work out starting again this week
...and I did.
Last night at 7:15 once Boz had been watched, teeth had been brushed, toys had beeb picked up, and "you are my sunshine" had been sang
I went rite down to the family room & put in my body pump
For some reason it shut off 5 minutes in...
What's more annoying then having to stop 5 minutes in to fix the dammned dvd player?
I thought to myself.."eh must be a sign, I will just go get my tan, and do my grocery shopping"
BUT I went and fixed the dvd and finished my other 40 minutes
AND I am so proud of myself.
I could barely get up after stretch, let alone drive to the tanning salon, and walk around the market

This morning is another story...
I wanted to throw my cell phone in the fire as soon as the alarm went off and prentend I never heard it
And when I got dressed I dug for my old softest 14's because I wanted my big comfy jeans...
Unfortuinately sweat pants just are not appropriate for the work place, so the "big" jeans were the next best thing
I could barely get my legs into them, they were so sore from squats
I did it and I'm proud, and tonight I am going to do it again!!


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