Friday, January 18, 2013

Channeling my inner Nancy Clue {Lindsey}

Hey gurl Heyyyyyy
It's freezing & it's friday here in upstate New York
& most other places around the country, duh Al.
There were a few posts I had planned out this week, but didn't quite get around to it, so bare with me today. This shit is going to be l o n g.

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So a big decision was made this week, one that wouldn't have been made with out the support and encouragement of my parents. I am dropping down to part time status with school & only taking my online classes. There is a chance, albeit a very very small chance I will have to go down to Arkansas for an exteded period of time to clean out The King's Castle, and take half of everything that is rightfully mine to go to court. It's not likely, but still a possibility. I cannot risk putting multiple weeks of work into classes {which I am paying out of pocket for} just to have all that thrown away because I need to go fight with my husband for custody of Addy bear.

So anyways, I enrolled into classes with out thinking. With out considering I am a total basket case. Which is totally acceptable my world just fell apart four short months ago. I also applied to more big girl jobs again last night. Previously I had decided I didn't want a full time job because I wanted to focus on school, but since I'm just part time online for now, I can get a rizeal job...I need a real job.

I feel relieved. I feel thankful my parents are so supportive. And eventhough I felt like a looser if I didn't jump in with both feet as far as school, sometimes you just need to take some time, breathe, and get your shit together. It takes a while to adjust to a shitshow major life change like the one I'm going through. It's really okay to not have it all together rite's o k a y. I'm the only one who expects me to just move forward with my big girl pants on {not to be confused with fat pants} and just make it happen. But the bottom line is I am only twenty-two. If I need to take some time and pull myself back together and wait till I'm twenty-three and Addy is enrolled full time in pre-school to hit the books hard, it is not the end of the world. This won't derail my overall perspective graduation date, as long as I pass chemistry and math in the fall easier said then done I will still get into the hygine program for 2014 and I will still graduate in 2016 at the end of Adaline's Kindergarden year!!! I have t i m e! Now I just need to remind myself every day I'm not a looser...I did not choose this...this is not my fault.

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Now let's talk about that constant thorn in my side, pain in my ass, nagging annoying festering zit I like to refer to as The King. I don't think I've told you ladies what his divorce papers actually asked for since they just arrived uncertified last Friday. He want's custody of Addy Bear six weeks every summer, yes I understand this is standard. BUT The King is an abusive, mean, impatient man who played angry birds through my entire 14 hour labor, who never woke up once in two years to change a diaper, and who never really had much tolerance for our pricess if she was any kind of fussy. As you know, he is also in the military, a flying crew cheif in the Air Force to be specific. His job requires him to be ready to go to wherever with little to no notice...where would that leave Addy. Not to mention he works 10-12 hours a child is NOT going to Arkansas for six weeks to spend all her time in day care. Not.gonna.happen. Speaking of The King's job...he was spotted sleeping on the job last week in Afghanistan. He did not tell me he was going on this little trip around the world...know why? Because he made a shit ton of money for his little two week jaunt. But guess what, I channeled my inner Nancy Clue rockstar ways and stumbled across this little gem here...
photo1_zps061a7bdf photo photo1_zps061a7bdf-1_zpsce06bb42.jpg

Yes, that is infact The King in the flesh asleep somewhere in the middle east a few days ago. He made a crap load of money, and 28% of that should be going to Addy. He is a s n a k e. He tried to say it wasn't him...he's an effing liar! I stared at that dumb head for 7 years, I can see the chicken pock scar and his dumb long eyelashes. With out a doubt that is him.

Okay, back to these "divorce papers" they're completely retarded, never going to get signed. Not to mention irrelevant because we are already under contract in New York. His stupid dunce of a lawyer even forgot to send me the summons to sign...I mean REALLY?!? I guess that's what you get when you go to the strip mall and hire the lawyer who's office is between a Cato and a Regal Nails. uhh durr.Good job King. GOOD Job, how does it feel to waste $500. xoxo

Happy Friday Hookers


  1. Girl I am so proud of you! You are doing great for Addy! Good luck with The King. Once you dethrone him what we will start callling him?

  2. Men are seriously retarded. Good for you for stalking his shit and calling him out! YOU are doing such a great thing for YOU and your baby girl! Keep it up lady- this will all be behind you before you know it!

  3. I love this post! Absolutely love it! We all have learned a thing of two from that Nancy Clue! I think you made a good decision scaling back some on classes. When I went back to school the first semester after having kids, I freaking took ONE CLASS. ONE!!! Start slow....figure out what you can handle and go from there. And fight the good fight and keep that girl with you! Love ya girl! :)

  4. Reading this made me smile today. I am so proud of you that are taking a breath and stepping back to see what is best for you and Addy and realizing that this isn't easy and no one expects you go through such a life change and have all the answers right now. I think you are doing an amazing job. It also made me smile b/c I know you have a couple of hard days recently and today you seem so upbeat and positive which is great. You are making progress my dear! Have a great weekend ;0)

  5. You are taking the right steps in the right direction. You need to do what is best for you and Addy right now. Kids are everything. You are a strong, determined woman and will shine all the time!!! You can do this!!! We are all behind you and are excited for your fresh start!! Its amazing how family can piss you off to royal hell, yet be there in a heart beat!!! Good luck to you and keep your head strong!! You GOT THIS!

  6. Rock the F on!!! You're awesome and strong and waaayyy better off without that sleepy jack ass!

  7. You are amazing. You are a wonderful momma. Don't kill yourself. If school takes a year or two longer, that is ok. Five years from now, you won't even remember.

  8. Love your blog! You just keep channeling the amazing nancy and you will be just fine girl!!

  9. I think I laughed through this entire post..although divorce is not funny my dear you are . Good luck you got this in your pocket:)and dont feel bad about school mommas gotta do what mommas gotta do.