Monday, January 7, 2013

I love Mondays

Saturday's are my least favorite day of the week...
Why you ask,{this bitch be trippin'}
Because that's the day Addy is supposed to talk to her father.
And in true King fashion, he blows her off every week
In 16 weeks he has made 6 skype dates.
Of course being the patheitic kind human being I am I text him and remind him it's his day to talk to Addy
Like he didn't already know
That is then followed by some lame excuse,
and what isn't really an argument anymore...
Just me telling him what a shit head he is and what he's missing
yadda yadda yadda
I cry to my Mommy and anyone else who will listen
And try to make sense of why he doesn't do the right thing...
{My insides literally hurt when I'm away from Addy Girl, why doesn't he feel the same}
But there's only one logical reason..


So then Saturday turns into "faturday"
And I may overcompensate in the food category because I'm depressed
This week it was McDonalds {which I haven't eaten in two weeks}
Needless to say I got sick,
My bod was pissed I filled it with that garbage and it let me know
That was my only meal that day...
besides my bowl of 9:00pm ice cream
oh well moving on

Sunday was grrrrrreaaaattt.

My Dad & I did errands with the diva in training {Addy}
She loves to go out
She loves that Pippay buys her whatever she decides to reach for
She loves to shop
She even ate her sandwhich so she could go
{I played tough guy for 2.5 seconds and told her she couldn't go shopping if she didn't eat lunch}
She comes by it honestly
I love my little monkey.

Last night I did yoga before I did my normal body pump
I haven't done it in...oh I don't know 8 years
unless prenatal yoga counts, it shouldn't
Let me tell you that shit is h a r d
And I'm flexible...
I'm that one weird friend you have that can put her legs behind her head and drumn on her butt
An amazing talent I know..
And I'm sure that also makes you wonder why The King would leave his smart beautiful wife with a talent such as that...
For a gutter slut, who used pictures of his family to pick him up
& weasel her way into our life
{and his pants, something I'm sure wasnt too difficult to do}
And girllll, I don't know.


Anyways, back to the yoga
Holy C R A P
It was hard, I was sweating by the second crocodile pose
BUT it helped me so much with my strength training
Today I am not in pain, not tight
I feel great!
Yoga is going to be a new part of my routine fo sho'

This goes with out saying
But another reason Sunday was awesome was
BRAVO & thier sunday line up
Shas of Sunset AND my sistas from Atlanta all in one night
Momma loves Sunday


My Divas got home from their cruise yesterday
Thank the Lord
That was the longest week ever!
They're coming over to have a Bachelor premier party tonight
Woot Woot.

I love Monday.


  1. sounds like a great weekend! (minus the whole skype date skipping out!)

  2. Your little videos trip me out!! Made me smile on a Monday!

  3. Ok, so Saturdays from now on aren't the day that you remind Adam to call or wait around for him... that's HIS responsibility and if he CHOOSES not to, that's his failure to live with, not yours. He's going to make the same decision whether you remind him or not... if he wants to Skype, he will, if he doesn't want to, he won't. Don't stop wasting your precious energy by texting and reminding him, only to be disappointed in the end. Don't schedule your day around it... if HE wants to Skype, then he'll have to work it into your plans, not the other way around. You've waited around for his sorry ass long enough, let him put the effort in from now on.

    Just my two cents... feel free to tell me to STFU at any time :)

    Happy Monday... hope it's the start of an amazing week!

    1. Erin, I would never tell you to STFU lady friend. You always just tell me what I already know...just refuse to listen to my own instincts. This week I'm getting a new phone, it will be off the King's phone plan finally & he will not have our number. Hopefully that will be a start to the healing...and therapy...I'm starting therapy this month, gotta get this crazy undercontrol.

    2. I completely agree... He is totally using this just to make you upset. He's a shitty person. You're so much better without him. Make lots of plans on Saturdays to distract you.

  4. Yoga is great!! Have you ever tried hot yoga?? It's even better! Do you go to a guy? I just started body pump and I'M OBSESSED!! I've gone friday, saturday, and today!