Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday: Week 4


This Morning I weighed in with a 2.6 pound gain..193.6
Womp Womp.
I've had my period, I've been a sappy mess, I've eaten well, but I still gained.
Two pounds is probably my normal menstrual weight gain...except normally it's like 12-15 pounds because I gorge myself on takeout and anything ice cream related.
This week I didn't.
And I only gained 2 1/2 pounds, so I will take it!
Even with my gain today I am only 4.6 pounds away from being UNDER 190.
The 180's I haven't seen them in almost three years.
As of today I am 8.6 pounds away from my 100 pounds lost mark!
I never ever ever thought I would be here.
To a lot of you I'm sure 193.6 is a big number...
But I'm really proud of it.
I'm proud as I slip on a pair of size 11 or 12 jeans.
I'm proud every time someone tells me I look thin.
I'm proud every time I make the right food choice choice.
And I am proud every time I make time for me to sweat it out.
I may have gained THIS week but I have lost 92 pounds...
That's a freaking sixth grader...
Holy Crap!

 photo tumblr_ma8raqGgF91ql5yr7o1_400_zps9e340c3e.gif

Now you all know if you were here last week, I decided to cut dairy and red meat from mine and Addy's diet.
I think we were 90% successful.
We grocery shopped Sunday night & when we got home I prepped all my meals!
This takes time...too much time, but it makes the rest of the week easy peasy.
I have been staying away from refined carbs, and sticking mostly to stuff grown from the ground.
I feel GREAT!
Even with my gain this week, I have had more people tell me I look thinner this week then in weeks I lost six pounds.
My stomach bloat is disappearing, you can start to see my ribs
"oh hey ribs, long time no see"
My back rolls are g o n e
And you can start to see the makings of upper abdominal muscles
What What!!!
I'm sleeping better, but I haven't had much energy...
This week I need to decide if that's due to my hormones, or if I'm just not eating the right things...
I'm considering starting to supplement this week mehh one more thing to remember
5:30am turbo kick workouts, were far and few did not happen
Who wants to get up at 5:30 when it's -8* out and your nice and toasty in your warm bed
Not this girl.
But I need to!

How Did you all do this week?!?! I'm excited to see!!!!


  1. Don't be discouraged! I ALWAYS gain weight on my period. I usually just skip that week of weighing in!

  2. even Brittany is clapping for that's something!!! I can't believe you have lost a sixth grader. that's freaking awesome!!!

  3. I am proud of you too! No biggie on the gain this week, it happens... I'm so proud that you keep going, that you're down almost 100 lbs., and that you're such an amazing rockstar mom! Chin up buttercup and keep going! xo

  4. great job on all of hte hard work you have done!! You are ROCKING IT!!!!

  5. I had a rough week too with a gain. But I decided it doesnt define me and I picked myself back up and I am at it again! You got this girl!

  6. Girl I feel ya! Hopefully its just water weight, but look how far you've come, thats AMAZING! You should be so proud of that! & britney gif, love it.

  7. I feel ya there my love! Hang in there! HUGS TO YOU!

  8. It's so great to see someone weather a gain with such perspective! You are so wise to focus on how you look and feel. I always feel best when I step on the scale at the end of a good, on-plan week, but I have a hard time ignoring the number. Of course, when I lose after a bad week, I feel super guilty. I need to start focusing more on other measurements and checks, like you!

  9. 92 Pounds is amazing!!! I find your hard work very inspiring!!! :)

  10. You've come so far in your weight loss! I know next week's weigh in sans period will be good for you! :)

  11. You have done amazing. One not so great week on the scale doesn't take away from what you have accomplished.

  12. You have tons of non-scale related victories -- way to go!!!

  13. I'm so proud of you for the meat/dairy change. That is such a difficult change to make, especially when you meal prep for the week on one day!! That must take so much time. you should be so proud of the time you put into making sure you and your baby are healthy :)

  14. That is AWESOME almost 100 lbs.... WOW You ROCK!!!

  15. 193 would be awesome! I am sure you will see the 180s soon enough. I've never been to your page before, but it is going on my google reader page so I don't miss it again!!