Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tell Me About it Tuesday...

I'm a hot mess this week


I know unbelievable rite...
Me a hot mess? No fraggin way!
Well lately I'm a little stressed
Okay VERY stressed.
I'm nervous about school starting in two weeks
It's not like I have The King to fall back on if I change my mind
{oh wait...I don't think I ever really had him to fall back on anyway}
I have to do this, and I have to do a damn good job
I'm doing this for Addy, and I'm doing it for our future!
That is a lot of pressure.
And I'm a procrastinator to the core...
Bad combination. Very VERY bad.

I'm also having a panic attic if I don't work out.
The day after a missed work out {only two days missed this week}
I am an animal.
I will tear you apart and spit you out
Really for no reason at all!
Yikes. That's ugly.
I need therapy. stat.

I'm having parenting issues.
Addy and I have been doing great...
I've not been obsessing about the divorce {alltheflippingtime}
And focusing more on quality time with her.
I feel 1000 times better...
I was feeling a void, but my little lady bug is filling it
in a way her father never did
Unconditional love ladies, it's a b-e-a-utiful thing.
BUT there's just one problem...


She is stubborn, she is sassy, she is bossy
That girl knows what she wants.
And you best give it to her immediately if you know what's good for you!
She comes by it honestly...
It's making me want to rip my hair out.
I'm tired, I'm grumpy, I'm stressd...
So today she's going to great gram ma's
A little space is what's best for us rite now...
Even if it's two hours.
They're always cuter when they come home :)

I discovered this amazing thing this week GroopDealz
They have awesome jewelry, on the chaaaeeeaaapp
And all sorts of other little boutique things.
I got two ADORABLE bib necklaces for $6.95 each!


Like them on Facebook
They have a lot of "deal of the hour" pieces they post throughout the day!

Also don't forget ladies, Thursday is restock day for Miss Becka at Kiki la'rue
Get your shopping carts ready, I'm so excited!

Helene in Between

Tomorrow is Weigh In Wednesday for Erin & Me, DON'T FORGET. We had a great turn out last week, I can't wait to hear how everyone did this week, and hopefully we will see some new faces!


You know I had to leave you with a funny & this cracked my shit up!

Love You


  1. You've got this! Good luck; you'll do great. I'm dreading school this Saturday. = (


  2. And now I will spend the rest of the day with Golddigger stuck in my head.....Thanks!!! :)

  3. oh my gah, I had a few comments in mind while reading this, and then I saw the 18 years pic and I forgot them all. that is HILARIOUS!!!!

    PS hang in there, and breaks from your kid(s) are necessary. trust me!!! and you are right, they are so much cuter when they get home. :)

  4. HANG IN THERE MAMA! Lurve your use of GIFS!

  5. I love Groop Dealz-you should try Very Jane too.
    Good job on working out-I'm trying to make sure I hit the gym every day too.

    Follwed you from the link up!

  6. My child is so much like me its sickening and she's always acting crazy but discipline is hard when u totally might have done the same thing haha

  7. hahahahaha, Kanye gif, BEST. THING. EVER.

  8. hahahaha love all the gifs and the kanye thing. YES.

  9. I have 2 of those little miss girls who are completely like your little girl & completely take after me! Opps! Hopefully your stress level drops quickly! Good luck!