Friday, January 11, 2013

It's the Freakin' Weekend. Almost.


It's Friday already
As of 3:00 today the weekend starts.
Thank goodness!
I'm ready for some quality time with my munchkin. thatsfersure.

It's been a pretty uneventful week around here.
Yah know, working, silly toddler shananigans, doing the mom thing
AND breaking a sweat on the reg.
I even managed to drag my ass hop out of bed at the early hour of 5:30 TWICE this week to get in a morning work out
{in addidion to my evening one}
I also bit the bullet and joined rejoined instagram
Have I ever told you ladies my instagram horror story...
oh I haven't, well you see
I thought it was just a photo editing app, did NOT realize every picture I took went on the interwebs for all my fb friends {and any one else in the world to access}
Well, Adam was deployed, and yah' know we were sending pictures to eachother
Selfies...the kind you wouldn't want your Mamma to see
And certainly would not want the whole online community to have for thier viewing pleasure
Adam came home, months went by...
I took a couple "before" pictures of my chub this summer before I started body pump...
And it happened..
I got a like on one of them...


Yep, that's right, someone liked my picture, which means lot's of someones probably saw my bits and pieces...
Now they weren't nasty nasty {that's for skype}
...I had minimal clothing on.
Needless to say I promptly deleted that account and created another
You can find me at queenofthiscastle6 on instagram
I swear I will never ever make that mistake again...
Unless you into that sort of thing...
In that case call me kidding.
totally kidding

I also wanted to thank you fine ladies today.
I had a rough night Wednesday...
And your comments melted my heart.
You're the best friends I've never met.
I have a lot of shame surrounding this whole divorced under 25 and single mother thing
It's nice to hear that there are a ton of you that have been through something similar
AND come out on the other side!
Thank you all of you, for your support
I luba you. Forreallll.


I also reactivated the old my fittness pal app again.
I'm working my bootylicious derriare off...
And it's not shrinking.
So it's got to be what I'm putting in my mouth.
I used to log everything...then I stopped.
I'm starting again...
You can find me @ alnicoleking43



Have a good weekend divas.
See ya'll Monday


  1. oh no! i would have died!!! find me on myfitnesspal if you haven't already! @mrsloyoung

  2. The instagram story is funny. I would have deleted that account too. Yay for you for getting up early to sweat.

  3. Now you just need to come keek with us!!

  4. Oh my word. That Instagram story is too funny! I am feel so bad that I am laughing right now.