Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday Week #2

Welcome Back to Weigh In Wednesday
{And for you newbies welcome welcome welcome}


This week my weight is 195.8
So we are gonna call it one pound lost
I'll take it
I worked really hard
I probably could've worked harder though
I did do Body Pump 4 out of 7 nights...
Each workout is 45-55 minutes long, that's a lot to commit to
Always when I start seriously training my muscles my weight loss for the first couple weeks is slow
Then all the sudden BAM I'm down 5 pounds in a week
On my 5th night I did flow.
Body Pump's version of "yoga"
That shit is HARD
I was ready to die by the third downward dog to crocodile pose
But I kept going, and was SO glad
I wasn't tight anymore,
I wasn't fatigued anymore
AND more importantly I wasn't waddling around like a duck!

Today I want to talk a little bit about how we are all shaped different...
Going through and reading everyone's stories last week
Seeing different weights, and "before" pictures
I think it is AMAZING the way we are all built so differently
Some of you are at my goal weight, yet still wearing the same size pants I am now 45 pounds heavier then you are
Weird huh?
How all our bodies carry differently...
That is why the number on the scale is really just a number.
At 198 pounds I was able to put on my old size 12 jeans.
A million years ago when I weighed 150 pounds I was a size 6.
The women in the picture below are all 165 pounds.
Their bodies are all so different, it really is just amazing to me.
We are so hard on ourselves and really focus and agonize over that number...
It really means absolutely nothing!


I finally found my goal pieces for my ORB challenge!
Momma needs a monokini for public
{these tiger stripes from growing to massive proportions in 9 short months need to be hidden}
AND I found what I think is a pretty sexy top that comes up to size E {{SCORE}}
I'm not ordering yet
Because I had a $500 tuition payment & $300 worth of books to buy
BUT at least the hard part is done & I have it narrowed down.
I encourage you to check out the ORB movement by clicking the button below
There is no such thing as TOO much support

I am 1/3 of the way there, that's so exciting to me, I cannot believe I have shaved over 20pts of my BMI! That IS something to celebrate.

This Weeks Challenge Is ALL About The Bootayyyyy


  1. Girl your workouts are SO motivating... you really do kick ass!!

  2. Love the image of the women who all weigh the same!!! You never think of it that way!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing the picture of the women at the same weight. It's a really great reminder!

  4. I am doing Operation Red Bikini as well! So exciting to see others doing it. I am following along with you now and linking up for Weigh In Wednesday!

  5. I love the title of your blog, and the logo/fonts. Makes it way fun to visit here :) Girl I fluctuate too. In my head I think hiding the scale is a good idea, but then I get too curious. So...I end up weighing my self every day--so I get to see how much I fluctuate daily! boo.

    Anyway I'm enjoying the link up! Thanks for co-hosting!